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13 Reasons Why

If you have been using Netflix for quite a long time, then you may be familiar with the Netflix popular section. The series I am talking about here is the 13 Reasons why- it has been on the Netflix popular section whenever it launches its new season. Well, if you don't know what the series is all about then here are all the things that you need to know about necessarily about 13 Reasons Why series. So, let's dig into a little more information and know more about it.

General information

The series is popular as TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY among the viewers. It is a series based on Teen drama web television of America. Netflix develops the series itself. It is based on a novel with the same reason by Jay Asher.


The whole story of the series revolves around a high school student who is about 17 years old, named, Clay Jensen. One of his class friends, Hannah Baker, takes a step that literally changed the entire things, yes she chooses to suicide by herself. You may be wondering why so? Well, it is because she was facing sexual assault and had become a subject of gossip among everyone, including her school friends and classmates. But here's the twist in the story, before she died, she recorded an entire box filled with cassette tapes. In those tapes, she had explained why she chose to take her life to the ending. It is where the story starts.

Clay Jensen one day receives the box with cassettes through a mysterious mail. There was a total of 7 tapes that were recorded by her deceased friend. The copy of those tapes was also sent to more of her classmate, and all were told to meet each of the names mentioned. However, when clay listens to the first tape, he realized that to which these tapes were distributed are somewhere responsible for her decision to commit suicide. For example, Justin Foley started a rumor about Hannah that she is a slut after they kissed in the park. Marcus Cooley was the one who tried to take her advantage on a date and other peoples like Tyler Down, Zach Dempsey, Ryan Shaver, etc. all of these had hands in spreading the rumor about her.

So, in this way, the entire series starts, thus building the interests of the people. So, if you also want to see how the story takes a turn, then you can see all the episodes of 13 Reasons why series on Netflix.


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