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13 reasons why - third season launch

Are you also a fan of the novel 13 reasons why? If yes then should know that you can have the experience of the entire story of the novel visually with the series that is launched by July Moon Productions on Netflix. However, if you already have been watching the series, then you would be aware of the release of its latest third season of 2019. Two seasons of the series gained quite a high steam among the audience, and thus we can expect the third season to jostle up the mind of the viewers once again.

Well, not only you but there are many other people as well who are waiting for the third season to launch. It is expected that the third season of the series will launch on 23 August in 2019. However, the show is also reviewed to have its fourth season to be its last season.

Let's have a look at what new it is going to be in the brand new season of thirteen reasons why and the point of the story where the second season was left.

The end of the season second

WE all know that Clay is certainly not arrested by the cops to be seen with rifles and Cloe is dealing with pregnancy now we will find out that whether she will decide to keep the baby or if she will opt for abortion.

What the third season has new for you

The season will start eight months from spring fling when the Tyler was on the road to recovering along with Clay. Now here the game takes a turn when a football player gets disappeared, this led to inciting of the investigation. The theme will be the same where the past secrets and flashbacks will slowly get unrevealed, and you will get to know more about Hannah's suicide. Thus the mystery will unsolve gradually among the audience. So, if you are looking forward to watching this season then gear up yourself for the Friday nights.

Now we're sure that you will be going to see some new characters in the story, making it even more enticing. So, keep your excitement little calm until the season gets released, thereby you will be able to have the best experience of the entire story.


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