American Idol is one of the most popular shows on television. Many of the viewers tune in to see the cast of characters that come in and make fools of themselves, but there are some that stay in our minds and in this instance our hearts. One brave man, who was 64 years old auditioned for American Idol. Under normal circumstances this would slip under the radar and be an afterthought.

American Idol does not allow people who are older than 28 to audition for their competition. Some of course lie and fall through the cracks, they typically do not make it and waste their time, which isn’t uncommon if you watch the early episodes of the reality TV show. This man in particular had a petition signed so that he could go through with his mission, to show his talents and share his story.

The 64 year old man had a wife who was battling cancer, and wanted to do his best and audition. He was not trying to promote himself, or his story. It was so unique a case. His wife sadly was very sick and he knew she was nearing the end. He auditioned only days later from the point in time when his wife had passed away from her battle with cancer.

Paula Abdul was brought to tears, and Simon was speechless. It must take a lot of courage to do something like that and be in front of the world with such strength and vitality to transcend over adversity and to pursue or complete a mission. He was very genuine and was not looking for pity. An extraordinary story that unfolded before our collective eyes as viewers. It is rewarding to see that some people are real, and are not trying to promote themselves or their personalities looking for fifteen minutes of fame.

Death is never easy to deal with, we have all lost a loved one, or a friend. To have the ability to continue on is very hard to do, and we should all give that man our applause because he was able to be strong, and to do what he thought he should. And not too many people can say that they have done that in their lives.


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