Although some movies based on video games have had little success, there are still some that were worth watching. Here is a list of some of the movies based on video games.
1. “Tomb Raider” series – A gun wielding archeologist in search of ancient artifacts.

2. “Prince of Persia” – A prince and princess must save the world from an evil villain with the help of a dagger that changes time.

3. “Resident Evil” series – The Umbrella corporation has accidently unleashed a virus that has turned man into zombies.

4. “Pokemon” series – Based on the game in which you battle creatures against one another.

5. “Mortal Kombat” series – Mortals battle in a tournament which outcome will change the fate of the world as we know it.

6. “Silent Hill” -A woman goes in search of her daughter in a strange dimension similar to our own.

7. “Max Payne” – A detective and an assassin team up to solve a series of murders in New York city.

8. “Doom” – A group of Marines travel to another planet to find out what happened to their research facility.

9. “Hitman” – A genetically engineered assassin finds himself in a political conspiracy.

10. “Final Fantasy” – Based on the ever popular series of Final Fantasy.

11. “Street Fighter” – Colonel Guile with the help of other fighters want revenge against Bison and his minions.

12. “Super Mario Bros.” – The Mario brothers go to another universe to rescue the princess from Koopa.

13. “The Wizard” – 3 friends travel across country to compete in a video game tournament.

14. “Wing Commander” – A pilot joins a group to go to war with Kilrathi.

15. “House of the Dead” – A group of teens go to an island that’s full of zombies.

16. “Alone in the Dark” – A detective of the paranormal unravels a mystery with deadly results.

17. “DOA: Dead or Alive” – A number of female fighters are invited to tournament.

18. “BloodRayne” – A half human half vampire from the 18th century.

19. “Double Dragon” – 2 brothers must stop and evil gang leader from getting their talisman which will give him absolute power.

20. “World of Warcraft” – (currently in production)

21. “Halo” – (currently in production)


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