Can You Get 8/9 On This Billie Eilish Lyric Quiz?

billie eilish

Billie Eilish Lyric Quiz

See if you know Bllie Eilish songs as well as you thought.

Billie Eilish- a 17-year-old pop star

Billie Eilish is among the most famous pop stars that are almost on the mind of every single child out there. If you are not familiar with her, then there are chances that you are not a kid. But don't fret here we are to tell you each and everything about the little girl and her career.

About her

Billie Eilish's full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell, quite hard to pronounce in one go. Well, all her fans know her with her short name Billie Eilish only. She was born in 2001, on December 18, yes, she's only 17. But if I tell you something, then you won't believe that she's an American singer, who writes her songs and not only this but she is also a model. Despite her age, she has a quite impressive fan following.

She started gaining subscribers when she made her first debut in Ocean Eyes on the Soundcloud platform. The next appearance she made in Don't Smile at Me was in 2017, and it reached in top 15 list in the entire locations of US, UK, Australia, and Canada. Last year she came up with a collaboration with American singer, Khalid in April.

She and her brother

One more fact that will leave you in amaze is that in the United States she has three platinum and 7 Gold singles. His brother, Finneas, is also a musician with whom she has collaborated as well. Fenneas is also recognized for his starring role n Glee as Alastair. Not even this but Billie Eilish writes most of her music lyrics along with her brother, and Fenneas takes the job of production of the music track.

Her Life

Billie Eilish took birth in Los Angeles in California and talking about her parents then both her mother and father are a part of the entertainment industry. Recently in march 2019, her interview was published by one of the companies named The Guardian. In that interview, she told that she is dealing with Tourette syndrome, which is a neuro-developmental disorder that initiates in childhood. She also revealed she had also experienced depression.

She has secured her place by her own and now is recognized among the most streamed artists, and the thing is she's in her teenage. Her unique voice and carefree style give an impression of being one of the most dominating personalities in the industry of music in the upcoming years.


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