Rapper Kanye West Orders the Most Expensive “Take-Out” Meal Ever

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In the world of entertainment the grandiose is rarely viewed as strange. And in the case of hip-hopper, Kanye West, nothing is too grandiose. Apparently, the rapper/ producer fancies the Indian cuisine at British Raj so much—that he had dinner for himself and his entourage ordered for delivery to New York from the restaurant, which is in Wales.


The fancy meal of specially prepared fish, vegetables, chapati breads, onion bhajees and more was specifically ordered for Kanye West and seven members of his entourage, said a rep from British Raj’s restaurant. The meal itself would only cost approximately $40 per person if consumed in the actual restaurant.

But in this instance, the Indian cuisine, priced at a bit more than $3,900 (and that does not include the head chef’s travel and care arrangements) was ordered for a meeting scheduled for Wednesday (March 7th 2007).

Per head chef, Kaysor Ahmed, the dinner will be prepared and cooked at the restaurant, and then specially packaged for the trip; that will require the meal to be cooled and then shrink wrapped. After it’s packaged, it is then packed in dry ice for preservation.

From that point, on Tuesday, the meal and the chef will travel from Wales by helicopter to the Heathrow Airport in London—at which point, the chef will take a flight to Manhattan, New York for West’s meeting on Wednesday.

During the entire trip, the food must be closely monitored by Ahmed to ensure the proper temperature at all times. The meal must also be completely cleared through airport customs before being delivered to the group.


According to one of British Raj’s waiters, Tarik Mohammed, the restaurant typically does not deliver outside of a three-mile radius. But for the wealthy rap artist, an exception was made, as London is approximately 150 miles east of Wales.

Mohammed states: “I was horrified when I heard about this request because of the distance involved,” further explaining that the restaurant’s reputation could be on the line if the delicate delivery does not go as planned.

But head chef Ahmed will not have too much to be concerned about as his travel arrangements are business class. And his arrival at Kanye West’s soiree will be facilitated by a limousine.

The restaurant was actually recommended to West by fellow rapper Snoop Dogg; but Ahmed was even unaware of who rapper, “Snoop Dogg” was. He excitably claimed : “It is unbelievable, I didn’t even know this Snoop Dogg man had eaten our food before.” He also maintained that he’d never heard of Kanye West either, stating, “…when the order came in on the fax we had no idea who Kanye West was; we had to type his name into Google.”

Facts About Singer and Actress Jamia Simone Nash

Jamia Simone NashMusic

Jamia Simone Nash has made her mark in the entertainment industry with her singing and acting captivating audiences from all over. Here is a brief history of her life.
On August 21, 1996 a star was born by the name of Jamia Simone Nash. Jamia, originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia, has been singing since the age of two years old.

She is the sibling of one younger sister Olivia. She made her national debut in 2002 at the Showtime at the Apollo where she thrilled the audience with her rendition of Alicia Keys “Fallin.” Jamia sang “Who’s Loving You” by Michael Jackson at the Essence Awards in honor of Mary J. Blige.

In 2003, Jamia Simone Nash made an appearance on My Wife and Kids where she sang “Fallin.” She has appeared on several other TV shows where she was able to show off her vocal talents. In 2006, Jamia Simone Nash played the young Fantasia in the movie, Life Is Not A Fairytale: The Fantasia Barrino Story.

In 2007, she played the character Hope in August Rush where she sang with a group the song “Raise It Up,” in which she was the lead singer. In 2008, she played Ana Hamilton on The Young and the Restless. She has also performed on Half and Half, Romeo and 7th Heaven.

In 2008, as stated on the Tavis Smiley Show, Jamia Simone Nash was the youngest African American performer ever at the Academy Awards when she sang the song from August Rush, “Raise It Up.” In July 2009, at the Kennedy Square for its 40th anniversary, Jamia sang “Let’s Talk about Love” by Celine Dion.

Jamia Simone Nash has made numerous appearances on various talk shows such as The Jay Leno Show, CBS’s The Early Show and Good Morning America. She has performed for stars, Oprah Winfrey, John Travolta as well as the President of the United States.

At the age of 10 years old.Jamia Simone Nash had the priviledge to sing ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’ for Aretha Franklin at the Kodak Theater.


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