An Entertainment book filled with coupons is worth far more than the initial cost, and it includes valuable coupons and discounts on dining, entertainment, retail services, and much, much more. Even if just a few coupons are used, an Entertainment book pays for itself in no time at all, and it’s really very affordable. The price varies according to the location, and I paid a mere $20 for my Entertainment book. In three months time I’ve already saved hundreds of dollars.

The discounts definitely help entertainment dollars stretch much further. My husband and I enjoy eating out each week, and we’ve been able to try many new restaurants, and we’ve saved a considerable amount of money while affording the luxury of trying new foods and letting someone else do all of the work. Restaurant coupons are just some of the valuable offers we’ve taken advantage of. We’ve even saved money on gasoline!

I have two Entertainment books, and I’ve discovered a few secrets to saving even more money with my Entertainment book, but they’re not really secrets at all. My secrets are actually little known facts on ways to save more money with an Entertainment book. I’m really a thrifty person, and I can’t say enough about the value of this fantastic book that greatly helps save money.

Get Your Entertainment Book!

The first step in saving more money with an Entertainment book is to buy an extra book or two. Visit the Entertainment website and get your first book, or even your second or third. Better yet, purchase one through a fundraiser for a worthy cause. I bought mine from my sister’s son who was selling them for his school’s PTO.

Shortly after thumbing through my first Entertainment book and using it for the very first time, I knew another one would be an excellent investment. I couldn’t wait for my next Entertainment book to arrive so I could reap the benefits of my favorite money saving offers once again. Some of the coupons enabled my husband and I to eat out for half the usual price.

Your Entertainment Book Membership Card

You’ll notice your Entertainment book comes with a membership card that looks similar to a credit card. It’s definitely just as valuable, but in a different way. It must be activated to gain full use of your membership, and this can be done online. Upon turning it over you’ll see numerous black boxes containing numbers, and these boxes represent specific money saving offers detailed in the book. Once an offer is used, the card is punched by the retailer so the offer can’t be used again. This is why it’s beneficial to buy an extra membership card! Last weekend my husband and I used the card and saved $12 on one meal alone, and with a second card we can do it again.

Some people don’t realize they can buy an extra Entertainment membership card without buying an extra book to save even more money. This is one of the little known secrets I’m talking about. Visit the Entertainment website to locate an Entertainment book and membership for your particular area. For less than the price of another one you’ll find you can buy an extra membership card, and the card alone is worth far more than it actually costs. Chances are if you use just a couple of the membership card offers, the extra card will be paid for, and everything else will be pure savings.

Secrets of Repeat Savings

When looking through your local Entertainment book, you’ll notice that many of the money saving coupons include the option for repeat savings. This is one of the secrets that many people are unaware of, and they overlook this valuable benefit. They simply use the coupon, and they don’t realize they can print another one from home. All you have to do is visit the Entertainment website to login and print another money saving coupon. It’s that easy!

I used a coupon for a local Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant. My husband and I enjoyed a very filling and delicious meal for less than $10, and the coupon specified the option for repeat savings. What a bargain! The food was fantastic, and I’ll definitely use the second coupon I printed. That little coupon was worth $7.00 alone.

Saving Money on Deals Not Found in the Book

Another one of the little known secrets for saving more money can be found on the site. The website offers fantastic deals for saving money, and these deals aren’t found elsewhere. After your Entertainment book arrives, register your membership right away. You’ll be amazed by the extra offers and deals that aren’t in the book. The Entertainment book is already packed with savings, but the site adds even more value to an already valuable membership that really can’t be beat. This is one of the best secrets for saving money, and it really isn’t a secret at all!


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