I like most movies. I’m open to most concepts and will give just about any movie a chance. I happened to be watching HBO one day. As I flipped through the channels I came across a movie called the “Forbidden Zone”. With a title like that you know it sounds interesting. So I watched.
As it turns out the movie was wretched.

Each new scene was worse than the previous one. The movie just had splices of foolishness mixed in with moments of frivolity. It was ignorant, crass, racist, sexist, gay bashing and that was just the first 20 minutes. While it kind of made me think of how funny Sasha Cohen’s Borat is with all these same elements, I attempted to again give it more time to get better.

forbidden zone screenshot

The movie didn’t. It continued to be as bad in the first moment as it was in the last. I felt bad for the time I wasted watching this movie. I truly gave me a bad taste in my mouth for watching B-Movies. I felt like I went to watch a car crash right in front of me and didn’t pull over to help.

Well this is me attempting to help. I want to help stop anyone that would even consider the “Forbidden Zone” interesting. Don’t Watch the Forbidden Zone. I don’t know how else to put it. I know that when someone tells me something is bad. It makes me want to find out just how bad it. Perhaps this will result in more people going to see the movie. The movie might be on video. It might be on HBO again. All I know it you will watch it at your own risk.

They movie is one that stars Herve Villechaize (Tattoo from Fantasy Island) and Susan Tyrrell. The 1980 Film Forbidden Zone was one that focused on an “Alice in Wonderland Theme”. Ironically, the most rational part about this movie was the insanity of the underground kingdom. At least with the underground kingdom, you knew they were crazy in the beginning. With the family of middle aged adult all playing adults of various ages, you are just disturbed.

You have an older woman playing grandma, and all the children are no more than 5 years younger than the old lady. The Alice like character is even old. I have nothing against and older cast in a movie. I just think this case was just strange.

The entire movie is black and white. It contained black and white cartoon and black and white life pictures. Everything was animated and exaggerated. But it was not done so in a good way. I can not over emphasize how poorly this movie was made. I don’t mean poorly made in a B movie lets be funny concept. I mean this movie was poorly made in the sense of who made this film and how did it ever get on a movie reel.

Speaking of movie, I wonder how this movie made it to HBO. I mean, I pay for HBO and thereby I paid HBO to show me this movie. I couldn’t believe that HBO use my good money along with the money of other subscribers to air such filth. I’m a proponent of freedom of speech. I guess they get away with that because this is a subscription base. They have as much a right to air this madness on a paid for channel as I do to cancel my subscription. I can save on the cash flow and find better use of my time.

This movie also made me realize that any and everyone can make a film. If this film can make it on the air waves, I know anyone can make it. To say the least I was disappointed in Herve for being involved in this project. However, I know little about the man outside of him being Tattoo on Fantasy Island. I remember him saying “The Plane, the Plane … Boss”. Outside of that I don’t know much about Herve. Considering this movies madness, I too could go out a make a move of madness and sell it to HBO.

My other alternative if simply tell as many people as possible about this film and warn them of its content. I know that might just make some people go out and see the film. It’s a risk I’m willing to take. Prior to the “Forbidden Zone”, my least favorite movie was “Sprung” for its sheer weakness of plot and poor acting. One thing I will give Forbidden Zone is the action must have been great. Everything and everyone in the movie acted exceptionally crazy. Each and every one of them was almost as crazy in the movie as I was for having watched it.


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