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Justin Bieber Trivia

Test your JB knowledge with this trivia, see how well you know him.

Some interesting facts

Justin Bieber one of the most adorable singers right from childhood. Well, if you are also a fan of Justin Bieber just like me then here are some things about him that you may not know. Rest, for those who don't know who he is then adding to your knowledge, let me tell you that he is a Canadian singer, actor, rapper, and songwriter as well. He was born in 1994, and he started his career right from childhood when he realized his talent at the age of 13.

Interesting facts about him

Well, you may know a lot of things about Justin Bieber such as he had a YouTube channel from where he started his career, his relation with Selena Gomez and much more. But there are a few things about him as well that you may be unaware of.

  • He's a master at Rubik's cube

There are very fewer people who can solve the Rubik's cube even after taking so long time but do you know what Justin can solve it in just two minutes.

  • He never learned music from anywhere

Justin is quite a good singer right from childhood. He can melt almost everyone's heart with his melodious sweet voice and music that appears to be sugar candy. The fact can lead many people thinking that he has learned music from somewhere but let me tell you that he is entirely a self-taught musician. He does a pretty good job at playing several musical instruments including piano, drums, trumpet, and guitar, which is quite impressive.

  • His Celebrity crush

Well, it might be possible that one reading this article may have a crush on Justin but do you know that who was his celebrity crush? Well, he also had a celebrity crush named Queen Bey.

  • His fighter dad

Many of the people know about his mother that she played a vital role in giving a push start to his career, but no one knows about his dad. Well, his dad was an MMA fighter who always supported him.

  • His Snapchat

If you think that Justin has his Snapchat id with his real name, then you are probably wrong. His id is with the name @rickthesizzler.

Here's the bonus fact that will surprise you for sure. Well, Justin had once asked Rihanna out for a date. Shocking, no? Well, I know most of the facts mentioned above leave you the same way. Rest, now you know these secrets about him.


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