The Average Score is 5/9 On This Panic! At The Disco Lyric Quiz. Can You Do Better?

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Panic! At The Disco Lyric Quiz

Talk on your music prodigies - Panic! At the Disco Recorded their first demonstration while still in high school! Around the time a lot of the classmates were getting ready for school, the group hit the studio and recorded their debut album, 2005's"A Fever You Can't Sweat Out"

And just like that, Panic! At the Disco - everything with world Tours, a fired band member and that real rock star stuff - were the next big thing on the audio scene. Not bad for a lot of high school boys out of Sin City!

If you like the band, they're still a pretty awesome thing. Below is a lyric trivia that examine how familiar you are using P!ATD songs. Try it and in case you've got friends that are also into darkness! In the Disco, possibly challenge them to beat your own scores!

What I mean with this is they do not always sing about women and love and bliss (I mean that they do occasionally, but not the majority of the time) etc. etc. ), they simply sing about life generally the majority of the time, only about having fun, celebrations, (you can find additional and doing what you would like. I believe that is quite cool, it divides them from different bands in a excellent way.

People do not just like their songs, they enjoy Brendon and his buddies as individuals. I mean, sure, some jokes that he makes could be inappropriate for People That aren't perhaps 13 however, but overall he is pretty damn funny.

He is so kind to his supporters. There are many cases where he is just amazingly kind to his supporters. He will stop and take photographs, speak together and provide autographs and provide them aid if he's worried about them.

There was one time when he detected a woman was crying out his concert. She advised him that she could not locate her friends that she'd encounter (I suppose she did not have a telephone ).

Brendon asked her if there was anyone he would call for her, and remained with her until her friends or parents were able to receive her (nobody knows who obtained her since this was not mentioned anywhere). And, he has saved me. I have depression and I maintain relapsing although I tell myself I will not. And I am thankful for that.


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