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Riverdale Trivia

Riverdale spanned the country with its cryptic storylines and gorgeous cinematography.

Riverdale is a fantastic American Series based teen drama and mysterious genre having the characters from Archie Comics. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa develops the series. Till now it has launched a total of three seasons. It has become an addicting series for the people since the year it launched.

Surprising Facts about Riverdale

Here we have reiterated some of the interesting facts about the particular series that you may have been unfamiliar with. So, without wasting a single second blabbering here let's get straight to the points

Jughead Jones beanie in the show is very crucial to him, particularly the characters. But keeping this mind it is entirely astonishing to know that the Cole Sprouse has only one beanie in the show that he wears every day during the shoot. Due to the smell, it's even more peculiar to think that there is only one beanie for him.

Even once when the Fallon was about to wear the beanie to try it on set, he was strictly warned not to smell that by Cole Sprouse.

Many people watching the series thought the diner set to be real even some of them tried to eat there as well. But it was revealed by the Sprouse that their set is near some industrial location that why it is not possible to have a bite of food there.

In the final season of the Riverdale, KJ APA got so into the acting that when he smashed his bare hand on the thick ice whether it was not real ice, but he ended up doing some actual injury to his hand.

Last but not least, the surprising fact is that every episode of the Riverdale series is based on the movies. When you check out the titles of upcoming episodes, you will figure it out yourself.

These are some of the interesting facts about the series Riverdale, and I am sure that these would have left you in amaze. So, that's all for the things that we want to conclude here for you.


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