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When it comes to the entertainment then the interested ones are getting help from various sources. Some ones are trying to choose the option of music. These types of individuals are considering the option of the musical concerts and so on. If you are interested in picking the best option then you can choose SEVENTEEN. It is Korean band with highly creative and skillful artists. Following details are providing assistance in getting complete details.

SEVENTEEN – an introduction

The origin of this particular band is Seoul in South Korea. The band is known for performing on genres and these are C pop and K pop. BooSeokSoon and Bumzu are two band associated acts. Firstly the band was introduced in the industry in the year 2015. Still, the band is performing perfectly and entertaining audience at higher rates.

Band details

The band or group is created with 13 members. These 13 are divided into different sub groups or units. The sub groups are –

  • Hip hop unit
  • Vocal unit
  • Performance unit

All these units are created with addition of experts and professionals. All these things are becoming useful for them in giving proper outputs. It helps you in sorting lots of issues and making things easier. If you are going to attend any kind of concert of these then you can get lots of entertainment.

Know more

Many individuals are interested in getting complete details about the band by which they can track the outputs. Mainly the band works on around 2 albums and 6 extended plays. These are providing lots of benefits by which you can easily get that how to put efforts for making things easier.

The group is also considered as the self producing idol group. The most important thing about the group and its members is that these are involved in choreographing, songwriting and numerous other performance related factors.

Group members

Hip hop unit

  • Vernon
  • Wonwoo
  • S coups
  • Mingyu

Vocal unit

  • Joshua
  • Jeonghan
  • Woozi
  • Seungkwan
  • DK

Performance unit

  • Hoshi
  • Dino
  • The8
  • Jun

These are some major details about the group classification of band SEVENTEEN. If you want to get complete details then you should access the official sources.

Awards and nominations

The band got three rookie awards. All these awards earned by the band in the debut year. With all these things, they earn four bonsangs and main prizes. There are some other awards earned by them for choreography and dance performance.


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