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The hundred a general overview

The sixth season of the 100 television series has launched, and its trailer had already set a bar of excitement among the people. But from the trailer, those who have seen all the five seasons may have guessed that the season 6 is nothing like they expected. The past season it was more of the technology-driven fiction stories based on science. Here we have reiterated a little summary and the plot of the series to give you an idea about the entire scenario.

General information

The hundred is an American drama television series that is having an action post-apocalyptic genre. The series was launched in 2014 on 19 March on the CW network. If you are wondering about the creator of the hundred, then let me tell you that Jason Rothenberg develops the series. The inspiration of the main storyline is taken from a novel having a similar name, which is by Kass Morgan. The sixth season of the hundred has already premiered on 30 April this year. And the series is also reviewed for having 16 episodes in the seventh season.


Now that you don't know the story at all, let me recapitulate a general storyline for you here. The story initiates from almost around a century of years exactly 97 after the Earth faced a disturbing and hazardous nuclear apocalypse. The incident took the life of many people on Earth. There were in total of twelve space stations that were there orbiting the Earth before the war. But after it, all of the space stations hooped to form single space station which was given a name "The Ark." The only people that were living in these space stations were alive.

After the war, the resources were not in abundant amount, therefore slowly the accumulated resources of the Ark also getting failed. Thus to deal with the situation, 100 young detainees were sent to Earth to figure out if the Earth is fit for habitation again or not. They had only seen the planet earth from space. When they reached on the Earth, they founded that not all the humans were wiped out in the war, but some managed to survive as well.

It is how the story of the hundred series starts, so if you want to have the pleasure of watching the show, then you can catch up with all the five seasons on Netflix.


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