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Gear up your excitement for the sixth season- The 100

If you haven't watched the 100 but for some reasons, you wanted to see this season of the series, and then you are at the right place. You don't need to feel unfamiliar about the series among your friends as here we will help to gear you up for the sixth season of the particular series named the 100.

Well, but let me tell you that this particular television series is one of the darkest series that is aired at present on the CW network. There are in total of 71 episodes that have been launched till now in all of its five seasons. Now that, its sixth season has also been launched, so here's a quick overview of its story.


The series starts from 97 years after a nuclear happened on the earth that erased a considerable number of lives all in one go. The radioactive radiations of the nuclear war were so devastating and hurting to the body that it made the earth inhabitable. Therefore, all the people who managed to survive the war were taken in a space station that orbited the earth and was referred to as the ark. The life begins to germinate on the space station, now as the population started growing there, the resources that they had started to deplete. Therefore, one of the leaders sent 100 young prisoners were sent to the earth in hope if the earth atmosphere has reverted to normal or not. But they found out that few of the humans survived at the earth, not all were wiped out.

The hundred teens then tried to survive in the ruthless surroundings as this was their new place where they had to live. The other people who survived the war included Bellamy's sister named

Octavia, Raven Reyes, Monty Green, and John Murphy. As the series will make progress, you will get to know about the older characters.

Clarke and Bellamy deal

If you think that it is ultimately an action series, then let me tell you that it is not the case. Here also you will get to see some of the romantic scenes just like that of Clarke and Bellamy.

In the ending scenes of the last season, when the survivors awake from their cryosleep, a new character was introduced. So, all in all in the sixth season as well you will be introduced to many new characters. So now don't miss the season 6 episodes, catch up the show sharp at 9 pm on CW network.


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