Youtube is probably the best thing to happen to entertainment in recent years. The ability of anyone to create a youtube account and publish content has taken the reigns from clueless executives and given truly funny and creative people the opportunity to reach an audience around the world. There are, of course, a lot of duds out there, but there are also some highly talented people out there producing excellent content. Below, in no specific order, are the best and brightest entertainment personalities and channels on Youtube.

Ray William Johnson (Equals 3)

Do you like Comedy Central’s Tosh.0? Did you know that most of the clips on his show are the ones Ray William Johnson had on his show a month ago? If you like funny people and funny videos, make sure to check out Equals 3 on youtube. Ray William Johnson may just be the funniest person on youtube. His impression of a youtube troll is legendary; his quick sarcastic wit is far superior to most of what we see on TV these days, and his show is constantly quotable and hilarious. New episodes bring a sizable following to RWJ’s channel every Sunday and Wednesday. Whether it’s Asian Lady Gaga, death metal babies, or the squaids epidemic, topics are always entertaining. If you like Tosh.0 and web soup, but you would like to see it with a funny host, check out Equals 3

Dan Brown (Pogobat)

Ok this guy is like…well…uh…it’s kind of like watching the big bang theory if the cast were hyperactive ferrets and you’re stoned. It’s like a collision of big words and science with humor and insanity. It’s like Robin Williams doing a Stephen Hawking lecture. I know you don’t know what I’m talking about but check out The Simulation Hypothesis and you’ll see exactly what I mean. I don’t know what a pogobat is, and I don’t know what Dan’s talking about half the time, but I do know these videos are seriously funny.

Craig (wheezywaiter)

Wheezywaiter is crazy; he’s weird, but, he’s also the first youtuber to build a time machine, so that makes him pretty cool. His humor is completely the opposite of the pogobat hyperactive squirrel style. See, Wheezywaiter is like a classic sort of a downplayed subtle humor that isn’t easy to pull off, but he does it perfectly, or maybe he’s a high functioning schizophrenic and we just think he’s trying to be funny. Either way his videos are hilarious; check out his channel.

Natalie (Community Channel)

The first thing I need to get out of the way in my community channel review may not be the most important thing, but it has to be mentioned; this girl is really, really hot! I mean seriously, she could just make videos of herself watching TV, eating pie, reading the paper and it would get significant hits. People would be like “I got to watch this girl read the paper, she’s so hot!” Fortunately, her videos are actually funny and entertaining, so in addition to the e-stalkers who troll the net, normal people who like to be entertained can enjoy community channel.

Don’t expect to find some chick talking to a shaky web cam with poor audio; no these are well done high quality videos with actual production value. The material is for a wide audience, it’s not raunchy adult themed comedy that will offend your grandma, but it’s not overly PG either. If you want to laugh…if you want to be entertained…if you’ve always wanted to see a ridiculously hot woman make funny videos, Community Channel is for you. If you want to watch some lame dweeb in his 30s pretending to be a 6-year-old and making terrible videos, there’s a channel for that (No plug…find it yourself); if you want something actually entertaining, check out Community Channel

Happy viewing!


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